Spice Shop – Notting Hill

Spice Shop Shelf

Only a few of the many amazing Spice Shop tins

The Spice Shop is a well-loved spot of locals in Notting Hill and a fantastic find for those visiting. It is a compact space filled with spices from ordinary to exotic. Some of my favourite spices are black lava salt, crystallized ginger, and sundried tomatoes though I often swing by to get fresh ginger, chillis, or lime leaves for a dish. Who doesn’t need a bit of vanilla chili salt for fish or hibiscus flowers for loose tea?  Spice offerings are available in little bags and some are also sold in special Spice Shop tins that keep spices fresh and drawers organised. The owner, Phillip, is a former chef and always willing to offer suggestions and to hear what concoctions customers are planning to make with the ingredients. If you are in the Portobello Market area or visiting Notting Hill, it really is a must to pick up unique souvenirs for yourself or friends and family that pack and travel well.

Fresh chillis, ginger, lime leaves and more outside the Spice Shop

1 Blenheim Crescent

London, UK W11 2EE



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