Recipe – Chilli Chicken

One of the hobbies  I do not often share with people is my enjoyment of reading cookbooks or recipes in general.  I know, I usually get a strange look when I tell anyone, but I enjoy thinking about how the flavours would work together , when I would serve it, and what sides or wine I might have with a recipe.  The below recipe from Ching-He Huang, (, who has one I have wanted to make for many months but just got around to doing it. 

Ching’s Chilli Chicken – great weeknight meal.

Though I do not  agree the prep time is exactly what she does having had help with some of the chopping and prep, it was well worth it.  It also allows me an excuse to pop by the Spice Shop for some of the ingredients.

The dish is fairly quick, healthy and easy so give it a try.  I made the sauce ahead and refrigerated it.  A great dish for a crowd as the recipe can be increased easily to serve more people.

 This will become a regular weeknight menu item for me as it is full of flavour and having only 2 pots to wash at the end of the night never hurts.


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