Shopping Review – Unpackaged

Unpackaged is a unique shop ….

offering many items in bulk to customers wishing to purchase any size.  When Catherine opened the store, it was her hope that customers would stop disposing of so much packaging and rather refill the packaging with goods from the shop.  She offers refillable plastic bags for use or jars and bottles for sale but encourages customers to bring their own to use.  Staff will weigh containers before customers fill them and only charge you for the contents added from the store. 


There are large vats of Ecover cleaners selling for between £2 and £3 a litre as well as shampoos and other toiletries.

 Huge compartments in the centre and side of the store hold dried goods such as lentils, beans, oats, museli, sundried tomatoes, cashews, peanuts and dried fruits such as mango, apple rings, raisins, and prunes. 

Compartments of goods for customers to choose from

Customers can also choose oils and vinegar from a selection of steel containers of red and white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rapeseed , sunflower and olive oils.

Reasonably priced bottled and barrel wines are for sale.

Bring a bottle or purchase one to fill with your choice of wine

Various loose teas on offer

Anyone for a cuppa?

In the back area, there is a refrigerated section offering fresh milk, juices, and dairy products.  A small range of cold salads are available for take-away.

Healthy lunch options on offer

Or fresh fruit and veg to take home….

Nice selection of fresh fruit and veg

Farm Fresh Eggs

I could not resist the chocolate covered crystallized ginger but there are many chocolate covered options like raisins and peanuts if you prefer.

I thought all items were reasonably priced and hope to visit again.  I will take my empty containers again and refill them just as Catherine intends.

I understand that Unpackaged will be moving in November to a much large Hackney/London Fields location where they may add a cafe and many other offerings.  Visit this location whilst you can!


42 Amwell Road, London, EC1R 1XT

020 7713 8368

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm. We are always closed on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Angel Underground Station


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