Food Shopping – Alexeeva and Jones

Noticing that a new shop opened on Westbourne Grove, I popped in to see what Alexeeva and  Jones is all about.  I quickly knew that lovely, familiar smell – chocolate!

Alexeeva & Jones on Westbourne Grove

It must have been my lucky day because they had invited one of the chocolatiers in from the range they sell and  were offering a wine and whiskey tasting.

Tastings to celebrate the opening and Chocolate Week

The chocolatier was Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier.  He has an extensive culinary background and offers chocolates with  various interesting flavours and combinations made from Scottish ingredients.  Alexeeva and Jones is the only retail shop in England where Iain’s chocolates are available.  I was fortunate to meet him and learn more about the fresh cream chocolates he produces using 2 local herds of cows and how the flavour changes over the seasons depending on the weather, environment, and where the cows are kept.  As this is true of the local dairy I purchase weekly, it made sense though I had never considered that the taste of fresh chocolate would be altered.

Upon entering, I was greeted by an excited staff member, Sean, requesting that I take a seat so that he could offer me the chocolate and whiskey tasting.  I did as I was told and was presented with this beautiful platter of chocolates, each accompanied by a shot of scotch.  Though I protested at being offered so many, it was explained that each had been paired with a chocolate and should be enjoyed together.  What a lovely experience this was!

Chocolate & Whiskey Tastings

The tasting was per the below.

1- Nigerian Ginger Truffle paired with

Cragganmore 12-year old 40%

2 – Cocoa Dusted Velvet Truffle with

Dalwhinnie 15-year old 43%

3 – Lemongrass Truffle with

Glenkinchie 12 year-old 43%

4 – Cinnamon and Clove Praline with

Lagavulin 16-year old 43%

5 – Assam Tea & Green Cardamom Truffle with

Oban 14 year-old 43%

6 – Raspberry & Black Pepper Truffle with

Talisker 10-year old 45.8%

Plate of Chocolates

I did enjoy all of the chocolates and some of the pairings were really nice and something I never would have put together on my own.  My favourite pairing was #1.  But the chocolate that was by far the best was #2, the cocoa dusted velvet truffle.  It melts in your mouth and is utterly delicious.  Iain explained to me that because it is so pure, it must be kept in the refrigerator until it is to be served so if you go in Alexeeva and Jones, be sure to ask for it.  The next best in my opinion were #4 and #6.  I am a sucker for cinnamon and having it combined with chocolate and clove made it even better.  The raspberry and black pepper combination was unusual.

Alexeeva and Jones offers many great package gift options

Damian Allsop range in A & J

Wall of Chocolate Gift options

Or great fresh chocolates to enjoy.

Alexeeva & Jones

297 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill W11 2QA



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3 responses to “Food Shopping – Alexeeva and Jones

  1. Grace

    Working in Douglas and Gordon Estates agents next door, I find it far too temping to pop into Alexeeva and Jones on the way to and from viewings! The staff are lovely and really do have fantastic knowledge of the produce!

  2. jo lynn

    what a lovely review. I just want to dash back in and try the truffles!

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