Holland Park and Kyoto Garden

One of my guilty pleasures of living in London is wasting away time in any of the lovely green spaces London has to offer.  Even if I do not stop for long, passing through Kyoto Garden within Holland Park always leaves me with a sense of peace and balance. 

Explosion of Autumnal Colour in Kyoto Garden

It is about the only time I regularly pause…I mean, really pause.

I do so to take in the beauty, notice the wildlife there on that day and take in the seasonal changes of the garden.  Even though I have been here hundreds of times, I find myself taking pictures often just because it is so beautiful.

Kyoto Garden opened in 1991 as a donation from the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto. 

It is built in Japanese tradition and is nothing other than lovely. 

Children will enjoy the rather large goldfish.

This year, there was an addition to the garden from Japan as thanks for support of the British people after the Fukushima disaster in 2011.

The remainder of Holland Park is gorgeous as well and worth a visit.  There are traditional gardens and a rose garden near the Belvedere Restaurant.  There is an opera house where tickets are hard to come by if you leave it to late due to the popularity with the locals of the venue and events but if you are around in the summer months, check for events.

Wall of Roses

Gardens near Belvedere

If you are visiting London and Portobello Market or Kensington Palace is on your list, make a stop in Holland Park as well.  You will not be sorry.

Behind Belvedere – be sure to check out the murals under the archways

If you visit, leave me a comment and tell me your favourite parts of the park.


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