Kenwood Boutique Launch and Waitrose Cookery School Event

Recently, I was invited to the launch of the Kenwood Boutique range at the Waitrose Cookery School.   The Kenwood Boutique range offers small appliances such as coffee makers, kettles, toasters, and mixers in a vibrant range of colours including magenta, yellow, orange, blue, and green.

The kMix Boutique range

After cocktails on arrival at the launch, we were given a demonstration of how to make Italian-style macaroons in a theatre-style room complete with microphones and TVs projecting what the instructor was doing. 

We then moved to the well-stocked kitchen were given ingredients and cooking stations complete with ovens, sinks,  and stovetops to give the recipe we had just heard a try. 

Nice appliance selection to cook with

We got to use the yellow Boutique Kenwood.

Boutique Yellow Kenwood doing most of the work

I was paired with the lovely Baking Cindy who is a whiz at macaroons – lucky me! 

Here, she demonstrates our mix

Each group was given a colour/flavour combination and ours was orange with apricot filling.

Orange food colouring

After mixing and putting the shells in the oven to bake, we were given a further demo of the buttercream filling.   I have a Kenwood KMix Hand Mixer but for whatever I usually make my buttercream icing by hand.  Well, not anymore, as I now know what I have been missing and how light and fluffy and easy to make the icing is with the Kenwood KMix Hand Mixer.  

We made our macaroons and displayed them for all to see and share.

A nice touch that the Waitrose staff provided us with boxes to take home our macaroons.  I was thankful for days!

Preparing the Patisserie boxes for us to take home

Many thanks to Kenwood, Waitrose Cookery School, and the PR team for coordinating such a wonderful evening.


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