Recipe – Bavette with Three Pepper Sauce

Since my husband had the bavette at The Eagle, he has been suggested it for dinner frequently.  I thought it would be nice with this Three Pepper Sauce from Knorr and as I made it on a weeknight, it was a perfect time saver.


Marinade for bavette

1 tbsp, soy sauce

1 tbsp, pomegrante molasses (or honey would work well)

1 tbsp, lemon juice

1 tbsp, chopped rosemary 

Salt and pepper


300 ml, milk

Knorr package, Rich Three Pepper Sauce



Mix marinade ingredients.  Marinate bavette for a couple of hours or overnight.

Heat saucepan over medium heat; discard the marinade.  Cook beef on each side for 3-4 minutes. Allow to rest for a few minutes.

Mix Knorr sauce and milk

Mix Knorr sauce and milk

Whilst bavette is cooking and/or resting, mix 300 ml of milk and the Knorr Three Pepper Sauce in a saucepan.

Knorr Three Pepper Sauce

Knorr Three Pepper Sauce

Pour sauce over bavette to taste.


Served with Brussels Sprouts and Corguettes

….and maybe a Rioja

Leftover sauce is great on mashed potatoes!  (if there is any)

Note: I was provided with Knorr sauces used here for recipe testing purposes.  I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own.



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6 responses to “Recipe – Bavette with Three Pepper Sauce

  1. glamorous glutton

    Your bavette looks delicious. I love using pomegranate molasses but I haven’t tried it like this. Thanks. GG

  2. James

    Yum! Looks great.

  3. Uncle Scot

    Looks Great. Almost Pittsburg Rare. What Is the cut of meat and is it grass fed beef?

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