Recipe – Sauteed Prawns

Oh, where do I start???  The fishmongers at the local farmers’ market send a weekly email notifying customers of the items that will be available and what can be ordered that week.  This weekend, live prawns were on offer and could be ordered.  I did pause to think, live prawns? and came up with a few things this could mean…..what I did not allow myself to believe is that a few hours after picking them up, several would get loose in my kitchen sink and on the counter.

Blurry because they would NOT stop MOVING!!

Blurry because they would NOT stop MOVING!!


It took a lot of will to not tell the fishmongers I had no idea what I was getting into so I pretended I was not surprised.  I decided to saute them in a bit of olive oil and lemon juice and serve with a side of lemon-garlic pasta.  It turned out to be a great meal though a bit traumatic getting to that point….

To do the same, follow the below steps.

Warm olive oil in pan.

Gently heat olive oil

Gently heat olive oil

 Add thinly sliced garlic

Careful not to allow garlic to burn

Careful not to allow garlic to burn


I added steamed cabbage for a bit of green (optional)

Warm cabbage in skillet

Warm cabbage in skillet

Remove cabbage trying to separate from the garlic, place in a bowl and cover to keep warm.

Add a bit more olive oil to the pan, saute prawns for 4-5 minutes until just cooked.  I had to put a lid on the pan…

Lucious bowl of prawns

Lucious bowl of prawns

I added a clove of sliced garlic, the cooked cabbage and cooked pasta to the pan.  I then mixed it with 100 ml of plain yoghurt and the juice of 1 lemon.

Spinach pasta with cabbage

Lemon-Garlic Spinach pasta with cabbage

Serve with a white wine from a vineyard we visited in Provence.  Lovely combination!




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