Recipe – Drunk Cured Salmon

I recently posted about the early morning trip to Billingsgate Fish Market and that I left with large salmon filets. The second curing recipe I tried is below. It was much different than the Citrus Cured Salmon and I call it Drunk Salmon because of the vodka used though one could substitute for gin.

Picture 036

I would suggest leftovers of this one to eat mixed with toppings or added to dishes such as pasta or rice dishes.


20 juniper berries

20 coriander seeds

1.5 cups of demerera sugar

2 tsp, Pepper

1/2 cup, chopped dill

1/2 cup, chopped parsley

1/2 cup, vodka

Crush juniper berries and coriander seeds in a pestle and mortar. 

Juniper berries and coriander seeds

Juniper berries and coriander seeds

Add spices to sugar.  Then, stir in the pepper,  dill, and parsley.

Mix in fresh herbs

Mix in fresh herbs

Cut a piece of foil and a piece of wax or parchment paper twice the size of the salmon.  Place the foil and then the wax paper in a large container or on a cookie sheet.  Wash and pat dry the salmon and place on top of the wax paper.  Cover the salmon with the sugar mixture. Fold it over so that the skin is on the outside.

Continue covering entire salmon

Continue covering entire salmon

Pour the vodka over the salmon and fold salmon over on itself.  Seal the wax paper and foil tightly and press down on the salmon.

Refrigerate for 48 hours.  Remove from refrigerator and scrape off curing mixture, wash salmon, and place in clean wax paper.  Refrigerate for another 12-24 hours before serving.

Serve whole for guests to slice or slice thinly and plate, as desired.  I suggest the latter as the skin can be a bit tough for tableside cutting.



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8 responses to “Recipe – Drunk Cured Salmon

  1. Lovely! This is almost a gravlax! Juniper and coriander and dill are a *wonderful* combination.

  2. glamorous glutton

    I made the beetroot cured salmon again for Christmas Eve this year, it was good but it’s fun to try new combinations, so I’ll give this a go. Vodka, definitely rather than gin for me. GG

  3. This sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.Have you tried this with other fish? If so what?

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  5. Nice blog. Of course I checked this post out first!!! Thanks for liking my blog.

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