Recipe – Spiced (Christmas) Red Cabbage

I have to thank Claire at Things We Make for this spicy and colourful recipe for Christmas Red Cabbage.  I made it a few weeks ago and am still thinking about how nice it was.  Check out her blog as the photos are lovely.

Bright Red Cabbage

Bright Red Cabbage

If using a whole cabbage, it does makes loads so be sure you invite a crowd or plan for leftovers.  As I do not have a slow cooker, I baked in the oven when slow cooking beef at only 50-60 Celsius for a few hours.  As long as you keep moisture in the dish, it will happily slowly cook away.

With a bit of red onion

With a bit of red onion

Great when having company because you can tuck it away and forget about it.

A lovely side dish

A lovely side dish

Lovely with a Sunday Roast…this will become a house favourite.


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