Recipe – Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu

There is something about the recent grey, cold winter days that makes me want to prepare long, slow-cooked meals and smell them cooking for hours.  This time, I had a ragu in mind. 

Kew Gardens 093

Of course, an idea like this one turns into a series of unnecessary events.After searching my cookbooks and many online, the recipe I ended up going for was one from the Guardian from Nick Crispini, the owner of the Bermondsey Street restaurant, Antico

First, I go to the farmers’ market to look for the meat.  Inevitably, what I am searching for is not on offer so I discuss with the farmers alternative cuts.  Luckily, the vendors at the London Farmers’ Markets I frequent humour me in discussing this and listening to my recipe ideas.  I do try to make sure there are no other customers waiting before I launch into such detailed discussions!

As there was no diced lamb shoulder, I went with lamb leg steaks.

As there was no diced lamb shoulder, I went with lamb leg steaks.

Second, I wanted a perfect fresh pasta to accompany it so I trek to my favourite Italian shop in Soho, I Camisa, to get fresh pasta – more on I Camisa later. 

Third, I stop at my favourite Spanish shop on Portobello Road to get the tomatoes.  Not just any will do!

I know, it did not have to be such an adventure…but that is half of the fun!

Recipe from the Guardian



This recipe will not disappoint.  Enjoy with a nice Italian red.

The only adaptations for me were I added a large bunch of rosemary and thyme to enhance the flavours, which all melded together whilst bubbling away.  Because of this, it is a good entry into Herbs on Saturday which I am hosting this month for Karen at Lavender and Lovage.



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