Recipe – Warm Sticky Spiced Plum and Fig w/ Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche

After an indulgent Italian holiday, I wanted to have a lighter dessert.  The abundant autumnal fruits make a great base for achieving this.  I picked up the plums from the London Farmers’ Market and the figs from Portobello Market.

Figs and plums

Caramelised = delicious! Figs and plums

What do you need?

5 plums, quartered and pits removed*

1-2 figs, quartered

1 tbsp, All-spice or mixed spice

2 tbsp, granulated sugar

6 oz. Creme fraiche

2 tbsp, powdered sugar

1 vanilla pod

1 tbsp, butter

*Note: I left the peeling on the fruit but this can be tart.  If preferred, remove peels.

What to do?

Mix plums and figs with the spices and granulated sugar.  Set aside.

Quartered plums and figs

Quartered plums and figs

Mix creme fraiche and powder sugar.  Cut vanilla pod open and add seeds from it to the creme fraiche mixture.  Refrigerate.

This can be done early, even a few hours before serving.

When ready to serve, heat butter in pan.  When melted, add plums and figs and cook through.  I like to allow them to caramelise a bit before removing from heat.  This usually takes 7-8 minutes.

Caramelised = delicious!

Caramelised = delicious!

Put fruit on serving plate or in individual dishes like the ones I wrote about here and top with creme fraiche mixture.  This really was delicious and hit the spot.  I only regretted not chilling a pudding wine….next time.  Maybe following a nice Sunday Roast!

Sticky Plums and FIgs with Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche

Sticky Plums and FIgs with Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche


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