Recipe – Vanilla Raspberry Infused Liqueur

Realising that there are only a couple of months or so until the holidays (yikes), I snapped into action this weekend to get vodka infusing for those festive evenings.  IMG_0710I have some ideas on the cocktails I will make but am hoping it is good enough to have alone.  Until then, I will keep shaking the jar and checking it and every time someone says, “the holidays are nearly here”, I will smile remembering that this will be ready when the holidays arrive!  This would also make a nice gift if wrapped nicely with a ribbon.

Ingredients (double/triple/etc to your liking)

200ml, vodka of your choice

150g, raspberries

75g, vanilla sugar*


Add ingredients to a sterilised jar

Combine above ingredients and shake vigorously until sugar dissolves.  Set aside in a dark spot for a couple of weeks shaking every day or two.

Raspberries and Vanilla Sugar

Raspberries and Vanilla Sugar

Remove raspberries after a few weeks and enjoy – maybe over ice cream or topping some creme fraiche or fromage frais.

Infused liqueur will be ready in 6 weeks to 2 months though it can be enjoyed before that or for 6 months or so after.  It never lasts that long here but theoretically…..


It will be worth the wait!

* I keep Ndali vanilla sugar on hand that I have infused by placing a Ndali vanilla bean in a large storage jar and pouring granulated sugar over it.  After a month or two, the sugar becomes scented and flavoured with the lovely vanilla.  (I add any used vanilla pods I have after baking.)  It can be used in baking, sprinkling over fresh berries, to spice up coffee or for a number of other delights.


Have you tried any infused vodka recipes?  If so, how did they turn out?


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