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Herbs on Saturday – March 2013 Round-up

Having hosted Herbs on Saturday in March for Karen Burns Booth at Lavender and Lovage, I have met so many nice bloggers and seen so many lovely recipes entered into this month’s competition, I am only thankful not to have to choose the winner!  Watch for the winner to be announced soon at Lavender and Lovage.

The March round-up is below with pictures of each dish and links to the recipes.  Hope you will be as inspired as I have been.  Thank you to all who entered the March Herbs on Saturday.

1) Greek Lemon-Dill Chickpeas with Spinach – by The Taste Space –


Delicious vegetarian dish!

 2) Turkey Bacon and Leek Pie – by Fab Food for All –


Wonderful way to use leftover turkey with amazing pie crust.

 3) Beef and Pearl Barley Stew – by Delicieux –


Hearty stew with wholesome veg perfect for any weather.

 4) Crispy Prawns with Tamarind, Ginger, and Sweet Chili – by Franglais Kitchen –


Lucious prawns spiked with Asian flavours

 5) Pallotte and Cacio e Ova – by Rita Cooks Italian –


Mature cheese and parsley made into delicious bite-size balls

 6) Spicy Squid, Prawn and Chorizo Stew – by A Reluctant Foodie –


Perfect flavourful combinations made into a light stew

7) Lamb Minted Couscous by Life of a Mother –

7 Lamb

Giving lamb leftovers another life with herbs and couscous

8) Stilton, Walton and Parsley Pesto with Roasted Mushrooms – by Chez Foti –


Gorgeous vegetarian pasta

9) Beetroot and Carrot Pancakes with Herby Marscapone – by Bangers and Mash –


Moist pancakes beloved by her daughters and probably all who taste them.

10) Roasted Roots and an Easy Roasted Roots Pizza – by Chez Foti –


You had me at Pizza….

11) Thai Chicken with Lime Coconut – by Piece of Cake –


a creamy Chicken curry with a lighter spin than the original.

12) Vegan watercress, rocket, spinach & almond pesto – by Blue Kitchen Bakes –


Spice up dishes with this versatile pesto on pasta, potatoes, sandwiches or any other item you fancy.

13) Thyme Courgettes with Leeks and Feta – by London Busy Body –


Sweet caramelised leeks and salty feta seasoned with earthy thyme.

14) Shepherd’s Pie – by Blue Kitchen Bakes –


Tasty way to reinvent leftovers into a wholesome pie.

15) Filled Rosemary Foccacia – by Piece of Cake –

15 - Foccacia Sandwich Web 1

Delia’s foccacia recipe adapted for a veggie version stuffed with mushrooms and rosemary.  This is the item you hope there are leftovers of but doubtful….

16) Linguine with Sage Pesto – by Rita Cooks Italian –


Simple but delicious pasta dish with herby sage pesto

17) Wintery Roasted Roots and Gruyere Pie – by Chez Foti –


Seasonal pie with caramelized roasted root veg and one of my favourite cheeses…oh and that pie crust looks fabulous!

18) Colombard Wine, French Bread, Mussel, Onion and Parsley Chowder by Lavender and Lovage –

18 - Mussel-Chowder-600x420

what more could one ask for!

19) Mejadra – by Delicieux –


An Ottolenghi highlight!

20) Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu – by London Busy Body –


Slow-cooked lamb ragu perfect for a crowd and Italian reds!

21) White Bean salad with a spiced lemon & rosemary dressing – by How to Cook Good Food –

21 - White-bean-salad-300x200

This side will not disappoint served with fish or chicken.

22) Tomato Herb Bread – by Piece of Cake –

22 - Tomato Bread Web 1-001

This bread must prove overnight but looks well worth the wait!

23) Cheese, Herb, and Bacon Muffins – by Best and Beyond –

23 - Bacon-Connoiseurs-Week-13_03_18

Tipping her hat to Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week!

24) Parsnip & Bacon Gratin with leeks, hazelnuts & blue cheese – by Recipe Junkie –


a healthy gratin made with family involvement.

25) Scallop and Prawn Platter with Chilli Herb Vinaigrette – by Lavender and Lovage

25 - Seafood-Platter-600x397

Lovely seafood platter dreams are made of!

26) Roasted Chicken Breasts with Figs and Thyme – by London Busy Body –


A healthy weeknight fix full of goodness!

If I missed any entries that were sent to me, please let me know by commenting below or emailing me at LondonBusyBody [at] gmail [dot] com





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