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Restaurant Review – The 10 Cases

I like the concept of a place with rules, order, reasoning so the plan at 10 Cases to keep  the wine list fresh by only purchasing 10 cases of any wine and offering 10 whites and 10 reds (with a couple of sparkling options and a couple of dessert wines) by the glass, the 500ml carafe, or a 750ml bottle at any given time, really appeals to me.  All are displayed on a hand-written menu.  There is also a small selection of fine wines written on the wall.  To say all of that means nothing without noting that each of the wines we have had there has been quite good and different, generally speaking. 

April 2013 025

The 10 Cases is nice and bright with big windows.  There is a small outdoor area with a few tables and seats at the bar for those just wanting to pop in for a drink or meeting spot.   For those dining, The 10 Cases does not present customers with a Continue reading


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